“Then I walked, so tired my hip joints ached in their sockets, through the darkening hardwoods till I came to the western edge, and the sky opened, with the whole main range cut out in black against it. The long bed of cloud that had been fiery at the heart and silver at the edges had cooled to purple, dying like a coal.”

                      Crossing to Safety, Wallace Stegner 1987

Artist Statement

I have multiples copies of this book around the house.  It gets read almost yearly.  No surprises reading this again but I still love to enter into the world of academics and relationship struggles.  I know these characters – I know them in my own life, which is maybe why I keep going back and reading this book.  However, the ending never really changes.  And a lot of it takes place on the water.  I have been painting a fair amount of water.  A lot of my favorite times have been at lakes – we vacationed for years growing up on a remote lake in Maine.  I married into a family that has had a cabin on a lake in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan as long as I have been a part of them.  Stegner captures the essence of the water but also the essence of the relationships.  Between the people but also between the characters and the environment.  I wanted to use the lake to represent the friendships, the dreams, the tragedies that all seem to take place around the water.  The sun is setting and there is a peaceful aura, but there is little bit of this scene and sense being slightly out of kilter.       October 2014


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