“Not too many people in the streets. A half-familiar figure strolled casually by, turning the corner from Dryad Road, peering into the closed shop windows. Her hair bound by a brass clasp, wearing green knee-socks, loafers, humming to herself, complete. She walked away, toward the campus, arms folded in front of her. Who?”

      Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me,

      Richard Farina 1966

Artist Statement

The maniacal 60’s book.  I loved reading this book even while I was living the life it describes –

the college life, the draft, the drugs, the Red Cap, the retsina, the search for the girl in the green knee socks.  The search for meaning in a totally crazy time.  I started drinking retsina wine after reading this book.  It remains a favorite, unlike Hemingway’s grappa.  I still carry a backpack around and it jingles with a variety of coins and rocks and keepsakes.  Although nothing quite as cool as Gnossos’s Midnight Decoder.  I see similar experimentation and searching going on now, but somehow it seems more focused and proper.  I like the out of bounds feeling that I had during my college years that are well captured here.  The girl in the green knee socks continues to put in an appearance in a variety of projections.  I’ve always been a little in love and a little haunted by her.                   November 2014


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