“The young Gascon’s heart was pounding as if it would burst — not from fear, God be thanked, because he had not the least bit of it, but with the desire to emulate his companions. He fought like a raging tiger, turning ten times around his adversary and changing his ground and his guard twenty times.”

            The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas 1844

Artist Statement

I can remember reading this book as a kid and wanting to be a musketeer. I wanted to have a sword and drink wine.  I still don’t have a sword.  And I’ve never really been involved in a duel, although we played at them with sticks for hours.  We carved our own swords and hid them in the woods.  This book ricochets from adventure to adventure – much like growing up.  It remains a great read even though it doesn’t immediately send me outside to fight.  The evil ones are still evil, the good ones have their flaws but are inherently noble.  It is a great world to be part of as long as it lasts.  It makes you want to look around for another Dumas book as it draws to a close.                  November 2014


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