“It did so indeed, and much sooner then she had expected: before she had drunk half the bottle, she found her head pressing against the ceiling, and had to stoop to save her neck from being broken.”

  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll 1865

Artist Statement

Fantasy?  Yes.  Nonsense?  Yes.  But once you plunge into this adventure with Alice you realize that there is a lot going on.  I started this one not thinking I would probably include it.  I remember reading it as a kid and being quite dismayed with Alice changing sizes and the people turning into playing cards.  It all seemed so frustrating.  Being stuck down in that stupid rabbit hole.

This reading was more like working through a puzzle or word game.  Her changes in size  necessitated how she dealt with the world.  Riddles throughout.  I appreciate this book and think it belongs, but it gives me a stomach ache to read it.  I’m not sure I ever thought to read this one to my girls.   November 2014


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