“A few feet above the ground the oak divided into two branches, and right there was a place just like a little room. Before long all three children were sitting there.”       Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren 1950

Artist Statement

I wanted something to go back to my early reading days.  It could have been any of a number of favorites – it would be easy to bring out the 50 best kids books.  But Pippi is one of those characters that has always been close by.  Her adventures are fantastic but almost believable. I was the official storyteller during vacations to put the kids (mine and nieces and nephews) to bed at the cabin.  I invented a series of “Glober stories” that had something of the energy and adults vs kids that I remembered from Pippi.  Glober was an earnest yet bumbling friend of mine that continued to get caught up in the most inane adventures that usually worked out.  There was a little magic, a lot of confusion and slightly risqué scenes that were always crowd pleasers.   These are spoken out loud adventures.  In the painting re-creation, I was working for a sense of the kids’ world with slightly askew relationships between the physical boundaries, including Pippi’s oversized shoes.  Things just aren’t that interesting if they’re perfectly clean.   December 2014


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