“I see the fog closing down, and it made me so sick and scared I couldn’t budge for most half a minute it seemed to me — and then there warn’t no raft in sight; you couldn’t see twenty yards.”

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain 1885

Artist Statement

I was in the middle of Huck’s adventures when I decided on the potential project of reading and responding to 52 books in a year.  This one made sense to me as being book number one. After all, how could you not appreciate Huck?  I’ve read this book numerous times and have always been amazed how Twain transports you to that time.  The feelings and concerns continue to ring true even though that period remains so difficult.  People’s trusting and non-trusting natures.  A lot of good, bad and in-between.  A mixed-up messy complex world with the river running through it.  The river – the escape – the boundary.  Of course I had to paint the river.  I started with a basic flowing river scene but that didn’t begin to capture the world that I just read.  I started working on the blurred edges of life and the scene of Jim, in a panic, going down the river on the raft.  He thinks Huck is lost and his world is collapsing.  Huck is chasing down his “friend” in the canoe but everything is blurred by the fog.  Everything in this book tends to follow the current in and out of the fog of relationships and race.      February 11, 2014


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