“They entered the woods, and, bidding adieu to the river for awhile, ascended some of the higher grounds; whence, in spots where the opening of the trees gave the eye power to wander, were many charming views of the valley, the opposite hills, with the long range of woods overspreading many, and occasionally part of the stream.”     Pride and Prejudice,  Jane Austen 1813

Artist Statement

As a father of two daughters, I felt for Mr. Bennet, the father of five.  I almost had to paint him, but that seemed a little egoistic and I love the sense of green and growing that pervades this book.  The sense of having to saddle up the horses or prepare the carriage to go visit the neighbors.  It reminded me somewhat of Tolstoy, with the conventions of the wealthy, the relationships between men and women, officers and women, the rich and the military. Writing of a similar time – the Napoleonic Wars in War and Peace ( have to reread that book).  My youngest daughter has worn through a number of copies of this book.  We started reading it together in her younger years and it remained her go to book for years.  It holds up well this many years later.  I’ve noticed that this is my first female author.  I wonder how many I will end up with.  I intend to choose by book, not author, so we’ll see.  Male vs female?  Time periods?  Types of fiction?  I’m curious to see where the final breakdown will be.

February 2014


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