“About midnight, while we sat up, the storm came rattling over the Heights in full fury. There was a violent wind, as well as thunder, and either one or the other split a tree off at the corner of the building; a huge bough fell across the roof, and knocked down a portion of the east chimney-stack, sending a clatter of stones and soot into the kitchen fire.”

                   Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte 1847

Artist Statement

While an amazing force; still, there is nothing fun about reading this book.  Except to maybe appreciate the mastery of the writing.  Not much happy or positive throughout this book.  What was in Bronte’s soul to come up with this destructive world?  I remember reading this in high school and the main idea I recall was that it would be pretty cool to be able to wander around on stormy moors and show up at a girlfriend’s house soaking wet, mysterious, with a disdainful scowl for the world at large.  This reading, the characters come through more with their destructive relationships.  I like the image of the storm – it seemed that this encompassed the entire story.  The painting is amidst the big storm with the tree toppling and hitting Wuthering Heights.  The storm, the rage…something positive in the background?  Probably not.  And the tramping along the moors?  I have to say it’s still a little attractive.                                                March 2014


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