“He is just above the top of the ford and the horse has a purchase of some sort for it surges forward, shining wetly half out of water, crashing on in a succession of lunges.”           As I Lay Dying,  William Faulkner 1930

Artist Statement

Faulkner lives in your head for a long time.  In a disturbing way.  And as he jumps from one character’s head to another, it almost leaves you breathless.  It is a welcome way to get this disturbing story.  It’s done amazingly well.  Makes me start thinking that I still need to revisit Joyce and Virginia Woolf.  The horse plunging through the flooding river is an amazing scene in the book.  Rearing through the might of the water.  For a moment, the tools gone, the wagon gone, the coffin gone, and almost the horse.  Nature is going to win this clash of wills.  And since I was honestly able to include Pride and Prejudice in this list with my youngest daughter in mind, I thought it fitting to select this book, my oldest daughter’s favorite.  Interesting that water has figured in the majority of the books that I’ve chosen so far.  Water and traveling – physically and mentally.                                 April 2014


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