Ulysses, James Joyce 1922

Artist Statement

The last time I read Ulysses was in college.  Out loud.  The entire book straight through.  A college class with my previously mentioned advisor.  He suggested we read it together cover to cover.  The class took him up on it and for two straight days we read it out loud.  We had breakfast together while reading, lunch, dinner, beers.  Our instructor with his Irish brogue, during his turn, was our hero – for his reading and for his challenge.  As I reread this, I think back to that reading.  It is a book made to read aloud.  Joyce’s rhythms and sounds lend themselves to being heard.  I found myself reading passages out loud just to try and make sense out of them.  Sometimes it even worked.  It is not an easy book to get into, but once inside it is very difficult to get out of.  I wanted to create a map of Dublin from above.  Tracing all the routes that the characters were taking during that day as we jumped back and forth between their minds.  But also the sense of the differing synapses as we traveled from place to place and brain to brain.  And through it all the river. Much like the book, the painting is somewhat random and dense.  Kind of like looking down on a day in the city.  It ended up rather Pollock like, even thought it seems more stops and starts rather than the lyrical feel I get in a lot of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.  This book was well worth the struggle.  Especially just reading it for the fun of reading.                    May 2014


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