“Gregor crawled forward a little more , put his head as near as possible to the floor to meet her gaze. Could it be that he was only an animal when music moved him so?”                         Metamorphosis,  Franz Kafka 1916

Artist Statement

Well yeah.  Who hasn’t felt like some sort of insect at some point in their life?  And gradually burrowing down into that insect mind – or lack of.  Of course this was the book that everyone had to read in high school.  And of course this is a pretty obvious painting for this book.  I thought the obviousness would work in favor of so many having a recognition of the book and through that the painting.  But I wanted a spare type of painting.  As Gregor progresses into bugdom, he does have the realization that this is happening.  But less and less.  Even the idea of survival becomes less and less.  There is the room.  There is the vanishing window.  And towards the end there is the music.  How can he not be human if he responds to music?  How can we not be human if we still respond to music, art, …video games?  I have more and more bug days as I get older.  Waking up with sore joints and scratchy body.  Don’t remember that many bug days as I was growing up.  But I can still appreciate a good Grateful Dead jam….   May 2014


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