“But the object that most drew my attention, in the mysterious package, was a certain affair of fine red cloth, much worn and faded. There were traces about it of gold embroidery, which, however, was greatly frayed and defaced; so that none, or very little, of the glitter was left… This rag of scarlet cloth, – for time, and wear, and a sacrilegious moth, had reduced it to little other than a rag, — on careful examination, assumed the shape of a letter. It was the capital letter A.”     The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne 1850

Artist Statement

Another forced to read in high school book.  However, to return to it voluntarily is another matter.  To be able to appreciate and smile at the formal language and writing.  The descriptions are laid forth in a very precise way that ends up being quite engaging.  I’m sure that I jumped over the Custom House introduction the last time that I read this book.  I was surprised and had no recollection of the narrator going through a pile of rubbish in the custom house and unearthing the scrap of rag with the A carefully stitched on it.  Leading to all the historical musing and the creation of the story.  This seemed a little more interesting take on the book than a flowering rose bush.  Looking at the major themes and trying to synthesize redemption, sin, lust, revenge all into a meager table scene pushed into a corner.  Right. June 2014


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