Act I  Scene i

“Lear – I loved her most, and thought to set my rest

On her kind nursery. – Hence and avoid my sight! –

So be my grave my peace as here I give

Her father’s heart from her! Call France Who stirs!

Call Burgundy.  Cornwall and Albany,

With my two daughters dowers digest the third;

Let pride, which she calls plainness, marry her.”

                              King Lear, William Shakespeare 1603

Artist Statement

Shakespeare gets two.  Of course he does.  Hopefully I can limit it to two.  Depends on how hard the Bard pushes.  But if one is going to write a tragic story – this is it.  Lied to by his two eldest daughters.  Stripped of his power in every way.  Slowly sinking into despair and madness.  And it all started out so happy..  Approaching retirement age, as I can relate, let’s divide up what is left among the family.  Should be easy.  But oh those devious daughters.  It is actually tough for me to read books about distraught daughters.  I’m not thinking Lolita or Bell Jar will make this list.  Wuthering Heights was tough enough.  I painted Lear and Cordelia as being partially visible in this scene with Regan and Goneril turned away as they reject their father.  Initially I had it set in the throne room but changed it to be more of a stage type set with a scrim obscuring parts of their characters.  Blindings, poisonings, duels, suicides – be careful which daughters you trust.   June 2014


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