“I was practicing meditation one night in my little room at the Ashrama as my Indian friends had taught me to do. I had lit a candle and was concentrating my attention on its flame, and after a time, through the flame, but quite clearly, I saw a long line of figures one behind the other.” 

           The Razor’s Edge,  W. Somerset Maugham 1944

Artist Statement

I return to this book over and over.  I made my kids read it early on.  I give it away to friends on a constant basis.  I’m always puzzled that most don’t see this book the same way I do.  Man’s search for meaning in a materialistic world.  One of the main captivations, as a book lover, is Larry’s time “loafing” in Paris.  He spends his time reading, working his way through the great books.  This image is certainly one of the reasons that I took off on this project.  I couldn’t quite base it in Paris however.  Each to their own.  Larry travels and works when he needs to.  I emulated this through the US, hitching around and working various jobs from bucking hay to picking apples to construction.  A copy of this book was usually crammed into my backpack.  Larry does eventually reach illumination.  I, sadly to say, never have.  But I’m still working on my visions – candle or no candle.  The author is a character in his story.  Similar to this author being a character in this story.  And who doesn’t love the idea of hanging in Paris, studying and looking at art?  And that great little aside toward the end of the book that one could stop reading now as the story was basically over but you would miss the reason that the book was written in the first place.  Nice little teaser when you’re almost done. July 2014


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