“Now, that bird,” he would say, “is maybe two hundred years old, Hawkins — they lives forever mostly — and if anybody’s seen more wickedness, it must be the devil himself.”

                Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 1883

Artist Statement

I was midway through this book/painting journey when I went to a family reunion.  I was discussing the project and as usual everyone had their own ideas of what I should include.  My father asked, “Is Treasure Island on your list?  That was probably your favorite book that we read all the time.”  Well it’s on the list now.  Over the year, a lot of books have been suggested to me, and I considered them, but this is the only one that managed to sneak in.  Hey come on, he’s my dad.  Reading is what we did growing up when it was too dark to play baseball or football.  It was a familiar feeling rereading this book.  Although the nervous anxiety I remembered as a younger reader was somewhat tempered.  It’s still a pretty exciting tale. The excitement of buried treasure and the secret map.  Pirates, parrots, the black spot.  Come on, this book has everything.  Long John Silver and his parrot – Captain Flint.  I created Captain Flint on the shore with just a palette knife.  I didn’t want the detail to detract from his odd looming presence.      July 2014


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