“The water was a dark blue now, so dark that it was almost purple. As he looked down into it he saw the red sifting of the plankton in the dark water and the strange light the sun made now.”

    The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway 1952

Artist Statement

OK, Hemingway gets another one.  Pretty good for someone I feuded with during college years.  A lot there in such a little book.  Especially struck by the real and imagined worlds of above the sea and below.  The intense heat and stifling air above while Santiago also becomes part of the depths as he voyages down his line and into the marlin.  Looking and traveling down deeper and deeper as  the marlin pulls the boat further and further away from civilization.  A simple concise painting of peering through the layers at the fish, much like peeling the layers of Hemingway’s writing.  We spend time each summer at the family cabin in the Upper Peninsula.  And while this would seem more like Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories, the lake reminded me of this book.  Peering into the murky depths with my girls, imagining the giant muskie rather than marlin.  And of course the epic struggle as noted by all the giant muskies hanging on the walls of the local pubs.  Have to think Papa would relate.     July 2014


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