“In the misty night we crossed Toledo and went onward across old Ohio. I realized I was beginning to cross and recross towns in America as though I were a traveling salesman — raggedy travelings, bad stock, rotten beans in the bottom of my bag of tricks, nobody buying.”         On the Road,  Jack Kerouac 1957

Artist Statement

I hopped trains to the western US, rode up and down the coast.  I was chased off train yards, pulled off a flat car at gun point, almost lost a good buddy in the Colorado mountains as he jumped off during a lull to try and find some water.  Hopping trains is as fun and as cold at night as Kerouac describes.  Back and forth across the country for no other reason than the thrill of traveling.  I lived that book.  I met my own Neals, Jacks and Alans (Deans, Sals and Carlos’).  A different time where it’s always something new, or at least unexpected.  Rereading is not just another nostalgia trip but I realize that this is a counter culture gem.  It’s a pop, jazzy collection that is written in such a musical quirky style that it captures that time.  Changes in music, art, poetry all exploding.  Of course this is probably what everyone experiences in their early adult years…but really, this was an amazing time.

August 2014


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