“Uriah, with his long hands slowly twining over one another, made a ghastly writhe from the waist upwards, to express his concurrence in this estimation of me.”              David Copperfield, Charles Dickens 1850

Artist Statement

This is a family that stays with you.  Of course you get to experience this family as it changes and expands from David’s birth through his trials and tribulations and eventually the birth of his own children.  It’s almost like growing up with them all.  I can see how this was so popular as it was brought out in installments.  Much like the current weekly TV shows that build on each preceding episode.  I’ve always loved reading Dickens and he never disappoints.  Uriah Heep is one of the creepiest villains in literature  as he worms his way into everyone else’s life.  He writhes and twists his bony hands as he proclaims his “umbleness” and oozes his way through the book.  I think I always liked reading Dickens as a kid because it seemed like things always turned out the way they should in the end.  I guess that is still a comfort. October 2014


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